Digital microwave barrier with digital signal analysis for ranges of 50, 80, 120, 200 and 250m. The internal microprocessor uses fuzzy logic to analyse the received signal giving very high performance in detection probability and low false alarm rates. Thanks to the digital analysis the barrier is able to compare the received signals with those generated by an intruder (behaviour models). It also monitors the signal continuously, making a complete environmental analysis, which gives the unit significant extra features compared to those using traditional analysis. The ERMO482X PRO is the ideal device for protecting very high risk sites such as nuclear power plants, prisons, military sites, petro-chemical sites, etc. Furthermore, it is impossible to mask the ERMO482X PRO thanks to the 16 crystal controlled modulation chan nels and the complete envi ronmental moni tori ng performed by the microprocessor. The ERMO482X PRO also has a very important software tool: WAVE TEST which allows set up and control of each TX or RX UNIT locally or remote.