SEES is becoming a de-facto in involving in such very high technical solutions for different technological fields such as Engineering, Construction, Information Technology and advanced Electronics & Electrical systems. For successful overall turnkey projects, all required solutions are available by SOMAC Electronics.

Communication Systems
  • Inter Communication Systems
  • Radio Communication Systems
  • Public Address Systems.
  • Communication Cabling Systems
  • Nurse Calling Systems
  • Master Clock Systems.
Industrial CCTV Systems
  • Furnace CCTV
  • Production Monitoring CCTV Systems
  • Flair Monitoring CCTV Systems
  • Thermal camera
  • Night vision camera
Industrial Hygiene Systems
  • Noise & Vibration Meters
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Heat Stress Monitors
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Gas Monitoring Systems.
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Power Distribution & UPS Systems:
  • Design & Execution of Low Voltage Systems.
  • UPS & Batteries backup Systems.
  • Construction, Mobile Hydraulic and Others
  • Transformers
  • Lighting Systems
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Early Warning Alarm Systems:
  • Siren Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting Systems
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Remote Control SYSTEMS:
  • Remote Control Systems wireless/wire for cranes.
  • Building Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Plant
  • Construction, Mobile Hydraulic and Others
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Integrated Security Systems
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (Fiber Optic Sensor, Taut Wire Systems, Microwave Systems, Infra Red Systems)
  • Advanced CCTV Systems, tracking system, thermal image system
  • Gate Security Systems (Road Blockers, Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS), License Plate Recognition (LRP), , Sliding Gates, Turnstiles and Tire Killers)
  • Access Control, Time Management and Integrated Security Technology
  • X-Ray Machine and Metal Detection Systems.