Ulgen works on three main topics. These are

a) Building Automation Systems

b) Electronics Security Systems

c) PC Based Industrial/Military

Automation Systems. Main occupations about building automation systems are "Parking Lot Automation Systems" , "Passage Control Systems" and "Fire Alert Systems".Our firm produces and sells electromechanic turnpikes , barriers , snares , hydrolic blocks , and ticket giving units for these systems .Our products fits with CE norms. Main occupations about electronics security systems are "Closed Circuit TV Circuits" and "Card Used Biometric Passage Systems".

Our 18 OIL & GAS PETROCHEMICALS MANUFACTURING MILITARY ULGEN firm uses products of powerful companies like Motorola , Sony , HID and Biometrics. Working with one of the worlds leading companies Advantech , our firm has accomplished many goals in the field of industrial and military automation systems. Ulgen accomplished many projects inland and abroad and also we have a NATO security certificate.